Getting API keys

Dissemin relies on various interfaces to fetch its metadata. Some of them require to register for an API key, that dissemin reads in dissemin/, the main configuration file.

Here is how to register for these interfaces.


SHERPA/RoMEO gives a machine-readable to publishers’ self-archiving policies.

The API key is not required but encoraged as unauthenticated users can perform a limited number of queries daily.

To get an API key, visit this page. The key should then be written in dissemin/settings/, as ROMEO_API_KEY.


Zenodo is a repository hosted by CERN, storing publications as well as research data. Dissemin uses it to upload papers on behalf of users.

To use Zenodo, you need an account. You can then generate an auth token from their web interface. Then, set up the repository via the Dissemin admin interface (available at /admin).


Proaixy is an OAI-PMH proxy where disemin discovers preprints. For now, no API key is required to use this service.